How do I Setup Zapier to access my Smart WiFi data?

Please contact support to inquire if your hotspot is configured to the Smart WiFi (1.1.0) or Smart WiFi (1.3.0) integration.

If you don’t already have a Zapier account, please create one by visiting Zapier.
To Setup Zapier to connect to your Smart WiFi Dashboard account, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the dashboard and click Integrations>Other Apps. Click the Zapier Icon and you will receive your Zapier API Key. If you don’t see this menu option then please contact supportOnce you receive it then follow the next steps.

  2. Click on any “Try It” button be invited to the Smart WiFi Zap. Accept the invitation and the Smart WiFi integrations will available.
  3. From the Zapier Dashboard, Click “Make A Zap”.
  4. In the “Choose App & Event” search for the correct Smart WiFi integration for your hotspot.

    You must accepted the Zapier invite from the dashboard as part of step 2 before you will be able to search for the correct Smart WiFi app.

  5. After selecting the appropriate Smart WiFi app the New Guest trigger will be selected by default, press continue.
  6. Press Sign in to Smart WiFi.
  7. Paste the API Key that you received from us to connect Zapier to your Dashboard account. Copy the entire string to your clipboard and then paste into the API-Token field in Zapier.

  8. Select the hotspot you want to collect data from and press continue. By default all hotspots are included.
  9. Click Test & Review to load test data from the dashboard.
  10. Select your test guest and press Done Editing.
  11. The Smart WiFi App is now configured! You will connect your desired platform to the Smart WiFi app in the Do This part of the Zap.

    Available fields from the Zapier API

      • Trigger: New Guests (Filter by Hotspot or ALL)
        • mobile_phone
        • email
        • first_name
        • last_name
        • country
        • region
        • city
        • address
        • gender
        • birthdate
        • postal_code
        • mobile_number
        • profile_url
        • custom1-10

    Example Use:
    When a new guest connects then the trigger can supply the client-selected guest information to any other Zapier-connected App.

Updated on May 24, 2021

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