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One of the most powerful features of the Smart WiFi Dashboard that allows you to create rules that upload all of the guest e-mail addresses to your favorite e-mail list provider. The flexibility allows you to create any number of rules to synchronize guest e-mail addresses in a number of combinations to accommodate your specific marketing needs.

The currently supported e-mail list providers are Fishbowl, Mailchimp , Constant Contact, Robly, and PayTronix.

You are not limited to selecting a single e-mail provider so if you maintain e-blast lists using multiple providers, the Smart WiFi Dashboard will synchronize them automatically. To Add a new rule click the logo for the e-mail list provider that you use. You will then be presented with the required information for the particular provider. Detailed instructions can be found for each provider in the links above.

  1. No. – The rule number assigned by the Smart WiFi Dashboard when you create a rule.
  2. Hotspot – The name of the Hostpot(s), the rule will assigned to. You can create a single rule that applies to a single Hotspot, a group of Hotspots or all of your Hotspots.
  3. Provider – The selected e-mail list provider that the rule will apply to. A rule can only contain one provider at a time, but you can create multiple rules so the Smart WiFi Dashboard will synchronize guest e-mail addresses to multiple lists and/or multiple e-mail list providers
  4. Run At – Is the time (in 24 hour time format) that your rule will be processed by the Smart WiFi Dashboard. (Default is 00:00-midnight).
  5. Last Sync Status – This is the last date and time that the rule processed and the status of the synchronization (Successful or Failed). If the sync failed, please check the settings in the rule and your e-mail provider.
  6. Run Now – Click the icon if you’d like to manually process the synchronization rule which will immediately upload guest e-mail addresses to your e-mail provider.
  7. Edit Rule – Allows you to make changes to a rule, such as adding a new Hotspot, changing a list etc.
  8. Delete Rule – Allows you to delete a rule. You will be prompted for confirmation before a rule is deleted, as it will be permanent..

You can also export your Guest list into an Excel/CSV document and import into most other applications. The Zapier integration is another way to automatically push guest data other platforms.

Updated on October 10, 2023

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