Hotspot List

This is a list of your Hotspot(s) and the area to make changes to the Hotspot(s) based on your specific business needs.

  1. No. – This is the hotspot ID that is set by the Smart WiFi Dashboard.
  2. Hotspot Name – This is the name of your Hotspot(s).
  3. Address – This is the address of the Hotspot(s).
  4. Redirect URL – This is the website URL that your guests will be redirected to AFTER the go through the connection process. This redirect is set by us, please contact us if you’d like this changed.
  5. View – This button allows you to see the actual splash page that is displayed to your guests when they connect to your Hotspot. As you make changes to venue or promo images, you can preview the splash page by clicking this icon.
  6. Edit – Use the edit icon to make changes to your Hotspot, like editing the venue images, changing the session times etc.
Updated on January 29, 2024

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