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Guest Experience – Connecting to a Splash Page

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The Smart WiFi Platform splash pages can be branded and customized to suit a wide variety of use case requirements, while the expected guest experience remains largely the same.

All guest experience’s start the same way. To begin a guest will open the WiFi networks page on their desired device and select on the Guest WiFi SSID for your business. Once the device obtains an IP address from the network it will be redirected to your hotspot’s splash page.

All devices upon loading the splash page for the first time are presented the “New Guest” splash page where they can choose from a variety of Social Login options that can be enabled/disabled for your hotspot.

After a guest selects their desired login method and enters the required information and presses connect the guest will briefly be presented a ‘Connecting…’ screen while the device is authorized. Once the device is successfully authorized the device is redirected to your hotspot’s configured Redirect URL.

Updated on December 12, 2023

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