Mikrotik Configuration Guide

RouterOS7 and above is currently not supported by the configuration script.

We highly recommend that this configuration is done by a technician that is trained with MikroTik equipment. We take no responsibility or any outages. Do not perform any of these steps if you do not have a script file that you received from us first.

Prerequisite: You should already have downloaded the Mikrotik Winbox utility to the computer that you will be configuring the device from. The device should be connected to the Internet and to your computer.

The following setup was done using a Mikrotik RB951Ui-2HnD:

  1. Using the Winbox utility, connect to the device

  2. As a best practice, you should reset the router with NO CONFIGURATION. Of course, if you have the router already setup to perform other actions do not do this step and instead use the script to configure as per your requirements.

  3. Reconnect to the Routerboard using the Winbox utility (see step 1).
  4. Open a New Terminal window

  5. We will send you the script to perform the next action. If you did not receive the script, please contact support.


  6. Open the script file in Notepad and select all of the text and copy to your clipboard.

  7.  Paste the script into the NEW TERMINAL window on Winbox.
    You may have to press the enter key to run the final command of the script. The final command begins with :if ([:len [/file find name=flash]] > 0) 

  8. You should be returned to the terminal prompt

    NOTE: If the terminal session ends early and “kicks you out” before the full script is completed, simply log back into the device and re-paste the entire script again and the process should finish. This happens sometimes because the Ethernet port that you’re using to configure the device may be reset during the configuration process.

  9. Reboot your MikroTik device to complete the setup
  10. After your Mikrotik Routerboard completes its power cycle, the device should now display the Splash Page you assigned to the Hotspot in the Smart WiFi Dashboard when you associate to the WiFi.
    As a final step, BE SURE TO PASSWORD PROTECT your Router:

Troubleshooting Tips

If you do not get to the Finished Finished step of running the script the common cause is the MikroTik is not able to connect to the internet. Make sure the MikroTik is patched into your router with DHCP enabled using the correct ports.

Updated on November 8, 2022

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