Updating your Touchless Menu

If you do not see the menu iems of features listed in this article, please contact support.

Creating a digital version of your menu is very simple. That’s why we have pre-loaded the SmartWiFi Platform’s drag-and-drop builder with snippets and templates to save you time creating your own Touchless Menu. To update your Touchless Menu please follow the steps below.
If you need any assistance with the creation process please contact support.

Image uploading notes

  • Files cannot exceed 1mb in size.
  • Images must be saved in an major graphic file format.
    Examples include: JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG
  • Documents like PDFs cannot be uploaded as an image.

Please also see our video on the Touchless Menu creation process.

  1. Login to the SmartWiFi Platform.
  2. On the navigation bar to the left, click Network> Splash Pages.
  3. Click the blue edit button next to your menu that was created for you as part of your account creation.
  4. Your Menu will be loaded in the Drag and Drop builder in a separate window.

    The steps beyond this are just to demonstrate how the drag and drop builder works. You can use the template you want for your Touchless Menu or use the tools inside the builder to design your own.

  5. If the template preloaded for you is not one you like, press the yellow reset button at the bottom of the builder to clear the page.
  6. Click the drop down menu to the right and select and select Touchless Menu.
  7. Click on the “Image Menu” template at the bottom of the list and drag it to the rectangle outline on the empty page.
  8. You can update the text at the top and bottom of the template to what suits your business. Use the toolbar to the left to change standard text formatting settings.
  9. Upload a picture of your menu by hovering the cursor over the template image and pressing the blue camera button.
  10. Press the blue OK at the top of the image to complete the image upload.
  11. If you need to add an additional page of your menu, add another image block by pressing the grey + button to duplicate the image block. Follow steps 9 and 10 to add the second image to the duplicated block.
  12. You can a content block, like the bottom message by pressing the red x button.
  13. Add a background image by pressing the purple ‘Set Background’ button at the bottom of the builder. Upload your own image by pressing the grey link button. Click Apply when ready.
  14. Press the green ‘Preview’ button at the bottom of the builder to open a new tab showcasing a preview on different device screen sizes. Close the tab when finished.
  15. When satisfied with your work, press the grey ‘Clone’ button and click OK on the pop up notification that follows.
  16. Now press the blue ‘Next’ button then press the blue ‘Save’ button.
  17. You will be given the chance to update the name of this page.
    Press the green ‘Submit’ button and your menu is ready.

Touchless Menu Creation Video

Updated on October 7, 2020

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