SMS Report

The Smart WiFi Platform will automatically unsubscribe a Guest/Contact profile if the platform receives a response from the SMS provider that the number falls into any of the categories defined below.

  • The Guest/Contact mobile number is marked as unsubscribed for the From number the platform attempted to send the message by.
  • The Guest/Contact mobile number has been marked as an invalid phone number by the SMS provider.
  • The Guest/Contact mobile number is blocked due to blacklisting.

The SMS Report displays the total number of SMS provider message credits your account consumes on a monthly basis.

  • The table breaks down the Total number of SMS sent for the month by the following:
    • Number of Smart SMS Campaigns: SMS campaigns that were sent using a trigger-based format, i.e. New Guest WiFi connection, Return Guest connection WiFi connection, WiFi Guest birthday, etc.
    • Number of Scheduled SMS Campaign: SMS campaigns that were sent using the Smart WiFi’s SMS blast feature (SMS message sent to a specified list of Contact Profiles).
    • Number of Hotspot SMS validation messages: SMS messages that provides a One-Time-Passcode (OTP). This message type is sent to guests who select the ‘Sign in with SMS’ login option and need to validate their provided SMS number.
    • Inbound SMS messages: Usually indicates a reply SMS message sent by a recipient of an SMS marketing campaign (Smart or Scheduled). 
  • The ‘Included SMS’ column is configured according to your subscription.
    • Example: If you pay for a subscription that allots you SMS 500 messages per month, you will see ‘500’ as the value in the ‘Included SMS’ column. If you pay for a subscription that allots you 2,000 SMS messages per month, the value will be 2,000 in the ‘Included SMS Column’.
  • No. of Failed SMS are not counted towards the value in the ‘Total’ SMS column.
No. of Failed SMS

This column represents communication failure between the platform and the SMS provider and is not an indication on the delivered status of an SMS message.



Updated on May 10, 2024

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