Camapign Log

  The Marketing Campaign logs shows you a detailed display of the Marketing Campaigns that have been automatically sent to your guests based on your Campaigns.  In the drop down options you may choose: Smart Email, Smart SMS, Smart Tweet, and the date range you would like to view the logs from.

Type. – Is the type of Smart Campaign sent

Rule Name – Is the name of the Smart Campaign rule that was being used to process the e-mail to your guest.

Client Name – Is your company name.

Contact Information – Is the guest e-mail address, Mobile phone number, or Social Media username that the Smart e-mail was sent to.

Status – Tells you if the Smart e-mail was read by the recipient.

Time – Displays the exact time that the Smart e-mail was sent to your guest.

You can easily use the search bar to find an e-mail that was sent to a specific e-mail address.

Updated on September 25, 2019

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