Signal Strength Chart

How do I know if my signal strength is good? The chart below will show you the optimum WiFi signal strengths in units called RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) which tells us how well a device can ‘hear’ the signal from a WiFi access point.

Signal StrengthRequired for
-30 dBmAmazingMax achievable signal strength. The client can only be a few feet from the AP to achieve this. Not typical or desirable in the real world.N/A
-67 dBmVery GoodMinimum signal strength for applications that require very reliable, timely delivery of data packets.VoIP/VoWiFi, streaming video
-70 dBmOkayMinimum signal strength for reliable packet delivery.Email, web
-80 dBmNot GoodMinimum signal strength for basic connectivity. Packet delivery may be unreliable.N/A
-90 dBmUnusableApproaching or drowning in the noise floor. Any functionality is highly unlikely.N/A
Updated on December 30, 2019

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