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My Smart WiFi Controller is not working

My Smart WiFi gateway controller appears to be down. What can I do?

If your controller appears to be down here are some basic steps to take to try to correct the issue.

1. Do you still have Internet access at your location? Test by trying to browse using a computer that is hard-wired to your Internet connection. If you’re able to browse normally then move to #2. If you’re not, try rebooting your Internet modem or contact your Internet provider for corrective action.

2. Is the controller still plugged into the AC outlet and Internet router? Double check that the cables are still connected. If they aren’t, reconnect them. Many times we find that an employee has inadvertently unplugged the gateway and didn’t plug it back in.

3. If your Internet connection is still working and you’ve checked the cables then reboot the node. Do this simply by un-plugging the power to the controller for about 15 seconds then plug it back in. It may take 2-3 minutes for the controller to reboot. Give it a few minutes to show up in your network list on your WiFi device then try to connect again.

If none of these 3 options work for you, please contact our support dept.

I.T. TECH NOTE:  It is important that the controller receives a local IP address from a DYNAMICALLY-ASSIGNED DHCP server. Most of our controller types REQUIRE this and cannot accept a static IP assignment. Please be sure that the Smart WiFi controller WAN port is able to have a local IP assignment automatically.

Updated on July 19, 2019
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