HTML Email Campaign Templates

Things to consider before you begin:

  1. This is an advanced feature and is recommend for users familiar with custom coding.
  2. All links should be set as absolute paths that point directly to the public server.
  3. All images must be hosted on a public server.

The Smart WiFi Platform offers the ability for you to use your own HTML code as Smart Email Campaign Templates. Log in to the dashboard and go to Campaigns > Campaign Templates and click on Add Smart Email Campaign Template.

Enter a name for your HTML Campaign Template and click the Basic Email Editor.

You can use the editor comes with a couple templates you can use or you can click View > Source to add your own HTML source code to the builder. The preview page will display the current look of the campaign template. The available keys are listed at the bottom of the editor.

Best Practices

  • Unsubscribe Link
    Copy the Unsubscribe link and paste it into your code. An unsubscribe link is required in all email campaigns.
  • Set Email width to 600px or less.
    Most people view their messages through preview panes, which are typically narrow and small.
  • Webmail services strip certain elements.
    Browser-based email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail strip out your DOCTYPE, HEAD, and BODY tags so your code doesn’t cause issues with theirs. All the normal content you can code inside the tags is removed. Use inline CSS and FONT tags.
  • Think ahead for spam filters.
    Please see this article on How to Keep your Email Marketing out of the Spam Folder.
  • Test how it renders.
    The editor includes a preview button but as all email programs render HTML differently, it’s best to test your email on as many different email platforms as possible.
Updated on April 20, 2020

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