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How to set up a Marketing Campaign

The SmartWiFiPlatform’s Smart Campaigns offer an automated system to communicate with your guests based on their connection activity to your hotspots. The descriptions and articles below lay out how to utilize the different components of the Smart Marketing Campaigns.

Important Information to consider before starting

  1. Smart campaigns will only be sent to a guest once.
  2. The platform has a limit of twenty existing smart campaigns per hotspot. If you are going to exceed this limit please use the Campaign Summary page and export logs of existing campaigns and delete them.[/ht_message]

1. Creating a Template

The SmartWiFiPlatform supports Email, SMS, and X Marketing campaigns. The first step to a configuring a Smart Campaign is to create the template for the desired media.

2. Creating a Campaign Rule

After creating a template to use in a Marketing Campaign the next step is to determine the desired trigger for sending the campaign and then create the Campaign Rule.

Reviewing Smart Campaign Performance

The platform provides different reports to provide an understanding of different campaigns performances.

Campaign Summary– The Campaign Summary provides a summary of the performance of all of your campaigns.

Campaign Insights– The Campaign Insights provides a visual report of the performance of all of your campaigns at all of your hotspots or you can select a specific hotspot/campaign for a focused look at the data.

Campaign Log– The Campaign Log provides a report of all of the campaigns delivered from your dashboard.


Updated on November 14, 2023

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