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How to generate your own WiFi QR Code

The WiFi QR Code generator is a tool available in the Smart WiFi dashboard to create a QR Code that Guests can use to associate their compatible wireless devices to your guest network. You can follow the steps below to generate your own QR code.

  1. Login to your Smart WiFi dashboard
  2. Using the navigation panel to the left, select Network > Hotspots
  3. Click the blue Edit icon next to the hotspot you want to generate a QR Code for
  4. Scroll down to the section labeled WiFi QR Code and click the blue Generate button
  5. Using the pop up window configure the settings below
    • SSID: Enter the name of your WiFi network
    • Encryption: Select the encryption type of your WiFi network. If guests do not have to enter a password to connect to your WiFi select NONE.
      • WPA/WPA2/WPA3
      • WEP
      • NONE
    • PSK (Pre-Shared Key): Enter the password to your WiFi network. If you Selected NONE to Encryption you will not have this option.
    • Is SSID Hidden?: If your Guest WiFi network is visible to devices when you look for available networks, you will leave this option set to No.
  6. Press Submit

Once you have completed the steps above you can use the  Grey Print button can be used to print just the QR code. The Green Download button will download a .png file of your WiFi QR Code to your device so you can use it in your own designs and signage.

Updated on January 29, 2024

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