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How to enable SMS Text Messaging on a hotspot

The content in this article covers an additional feature of the Smart WiFi Platform. If you would like to add SMS text messaging to your account please contact support.

Please be sure to follow best practices to ensure your messages get delivered. <read more>

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the necessary configuration to start using SMS after the feature has been added to your account.

The first step in using the SMS login option is to determine the collection needs for your hotspot. The Smart WiFi platform can offer SMS as a stand alone option or you can require guests to complete a standard login option like Email, Facebook, etc and then complete the SMS login process to collect an Email and mobile number for each guest profile. Each configuration option is described below.

Collect an email and require a mobile number– Once this is done new guests will be required to complete the standard social login process and then the SMS login process. You may close this guide as you do not need to continue on to step two.

  1. Enable ‘SMS required’ toggle under the Login Options on the Edit hotspot page and submit the changes.

SMS as a login option-  Once this is done SMS will be it’s own login option.

  1. On the Edit hotspot page in the Login Options section toggle the section for SMS on and submit the changes.
  2. Using the drag-and-drop splash page builder in the dashboard, add the ‘Sign in with SMS’ button from the ‘Social Connect Button’ list to your desired splash page.


Updated on September 2, 2021

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