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How to create a Twitter Developer App for Tweet Campaigns

Please contact support and request the necessary Twitter oAuth hostnames and ensure you have access to the Client Customizations page in the dashboard before attempting the steps in this guide.

The information contained in this article is a reference and may not be 100% accurate. Additional steps MAY need to be taken. We recommend that your website developer or another technical person handles these steps for you.

Step One: Apply for Access

  1. Log in to the Twitter developer website.
  2. On the top right press Apply, then press ‘Apply for Developer Account’
  3. For primary reason select ‘Building B2B products’ and press next
  4. Press next
  5. Configure the ‘Tell us about your organization’ page to your businesses details and press next
  6. Configure the ‘How will you use the Twitter API or Twitter data?’ page with the following details and press next
    1. In your words
      We intend to allow our guests to access guest WiFi using a variety of social login options including Twitter.
    2. The Specifics
      • Are you planning to analyze Twitter data? Yes
        Guests who access the guest wifi using any login method have a guest profile created saving their login method to their device allowing for an easier connection process during repeat visits to the venue.
      • Will your app use Tweet, Retweet, like, follow, or Direct Message functionality? Yes
        We can send Tweets to guests that have connected to our Guest WiFi system based off their connectivity.
      • Do you plan to display Tweets or aggregate data about Twitter content outside of Twitter? No
      • Will your product, service or analysis make Twitter content or derived information available to a government entity? No
  7. Review your submission on the ‘Is everything correct’ page and press ‘Looks good!’ to continue
  8. Review the developer agreement and when satisfied check the box to accept and press ‘Submit Application’
  9. You should receive an Email from Twitter with the following questions. Please use the answered provided below to reply.
    • The core use case, intent, or business purpose for your use of the Twitter APIs.
      We intend to include Twitter as a social login option for customers connecting to guest wifi at our brick and mortar venue. As part of the login process the users device is connected to their chosen social login method to simplify the connection process for future visits.
    • If you intend to analyze Tweets, Twitter users, or their content, share details about the analyses you plan to conduct, and the methods or techniques.
      Our platform does not analyze any content of Twitter users.
    • If your use involves Tweeting, Retweeting, or liking content, share how you’ll interact with Twitter accounts, or their content.
      The platform enables us to send a generic Tweet that includes tagging guests who access the wifi using Twitter as their login method based on their connectivity at the venue.
    • If you’ll display Twitter content off of Twitter, explain how, and where, Tweets and Twitter content will be displayed with your product or service, including whether Tweets and Twitter content will be displayed at row level, or aggregated.
      The platform does not display Twitter content anywhere.
  10. Check your email inbox for the developer portal access confirmation email.

Step Two: Create and configure App

  1. Login to the Twitter developer homepage and then click on Developer Portal in the top right.
  2. On the Developer Portal dashboard, use the navigation panel to the l eft to select Projects & Apps > Overview.
  3. Under the Standalone Apps section, click ‘+ Create App’.
  4. Assign a name to your App.
  5. Record the API Key and API Secret for use later.
    Do not lose these! They must cannot be retrieved and must be regenerated instead.
  6. Under the Setup your App section click ‘App Settings’
  7. Under the App Details section click ‘Edit’.
    • Upload an App icon for your business
    • Description:
      This app provides Twitter users a way to login to Guest WiFi.
  8. Change the permission to Read + Write and press save.
  9. Under the Authentication settings section click ‘Edit’
    • Enable 3-legged OAuth: Enabled
    • Request email address from users: Enabled
    • Callback URLs: Please contact support for the two entries you’ll need to use for this setting.
    • Website URL: Enter your website URL
    • Terms of Service: Enter your hosted Terms of Service
    • Privacy Policy: Enter your hosted Privacy Policy
    • Press save

Step Three: Configuring Client Customizations

Please contact support if you’re unable to view the Client Customizations page.

  1. Login to the Marketing4WiFi dashboard.
  2. On the menu to the left open Client Settings tab and click Client Customizations.
  3. Click on the Branding tab at the top.
  4. Paste the Twitter Consumer Key and Twitter Consumer Secret collected in step 2.5 into the corresponding fields.
  5. Click the ‘Generate Twitter Access Token’ button and accept the steps in the pop up box to enable Smart Tweet campaigns using your Twitter handle.
  6. Click Submit.


Updated on January 15, 2021

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