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How to create a SeatGeek application

The purpose of this guide is to discuss the steps necessary to create and configure a SeatGeek App for use with the platform splash pages to allow guests to utilize their own SeatGeek account to login to Guest WiFi. The steps in this guide may be incomplete or have changed as SeatGeek makes change to their own process for creating an App and requesting permissions.

Redirect URI

Please reach out to support to request your Redirect URI before attempting the configuration steps in this guide.

1. SeatGeek App Setup

  1. Visit the SeatGeek website and create a new account (or login to the existing account) that will be used to administer the App.
  2. Visit the Developer page to register a new application.
    1. Enter a name for your application.
    2. Redirect URI- Paste the entry you receive from support here.
    3. Press Register.
  3. Save your Client ID and App Secret to your computer for use later in this guide.
  4. Contact SeatGeek to set up the scopes listed below for your app. You will need to submit your Client ID from step 1.3 as well as the list of scopes below.

2. Client Customizations Setup

  1. Login to your Smart WiFi dashboard.
  2. Open the Client Customizations page and click on the Branding tab.
  3. Paste the Client ID and App Secret collected in step 1.3 into the corresponding fields for SeatGeek and press Submit.

3. Hotspot Setup

  1. Logged into the Smart WiFi dashboard.
  2. Use the Drag and Drop splash page editor to add the Login with SeatGeek button to your desired splash pages.
  3. Go to the Edit Hotspot page for the desired hotspots and enable the SeatGeek login method.

4. Hardware Setup

  • In your hardware configuration you will need to add the following entries to your allowed Walled Garden/Access Control List or guests will be unable to access the SeatGeek portal to complete the login process.
    1. seatgeek.com
    2. seatgeekassets.com


  • https://partners.seatgeek.com/enterprise-client-integration/oauth
Updated on November 2, 2022

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