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How do I view the splash page at my location?

You can see the splash page a couple of different ways which will show you exactly what your guests will see when they connect to your Smart WiFi System.

  1. You could simply connect to the WiFi at your location.
    Find the wireless network name and use your phone/tablet or laptop to connect to it. The splash page is the first screen you will see when you connect. If you’e using an Android phone, you may need tpo open Chrome and surf to a web page OTHER than google.com…so go to www.aol.com as an example.
  2. You can view the splash page from the Dashboard.
    Simply login to your Smart WIFI Dashboard account, then Networks>Hotspots>View icon.

    If you make any changes to your Splash page images, you can click the view button here again to see the changes you made.

Updated on June 28, 2023

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