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How can I limit personal information from being given by guests?

With the recent heightened concerns over personal information being supplied by the social media companies, there are some options you have available withing the Smart WiFi Dashboard to limit required data from your guests:

  1. Social login is ALWAYS at the option of the guest. You can also turn on and off social logins. Hotspot>Edit
  2. The platform has an ‘opt-out’ feature to allow guest access without collecting any personal data (but you can still use by the data for statistical purposes). The platform does collect the guests device MAC address.
  3. The platform has a ‘consent’ feature that allows the venue to place a specific consent (any text they want) to be clicked BEFORE the connect button is able to be clicked. The dashboard records that specific consent and is exportable.
  4. The platform has an ‘opt-in‘ feature that can be added to your splash page to get specific guest consent to opt-in or subscribe to marketing lists or campaigns.

As always, we recommend that you respect your guests privacy and offer them options based on their comfort level. We also remind you that it is prohibited to share ANY of the data supplied by the Smart WiFi platform with any other company than yours, or for purposes of marketing your business directly.

Updated on February 26, 2019

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