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This feature requires use of social logins in the hotspot profile. Guests connected using a simple login will not have the Guest Token appended to the Redirect URL because there is no Guest Profile created for simple logins.

How can I get guest data to be sent through the redirect (post) URL?

The Guest Token (with the platform API) can be used to get guest profile data out of the Smart WiFi Platform.

Possible examples of Guest Token use are:

  1. Customizing messages on the landing page to greet the guest.
  2. Pre-populating a form for guests.
  3. Integrating the guest profile data into a CRM or other platform.

The Guest Token is a string the platform can append to your Hotspot’s Redirect URL. It is used to identify individual Guests who have connected to the WiFi and been redirected to the Redirect URL. If you enable this setting, the platform will append a Guest-specific token to the Redirect URL when the Guest completes the login process.

  • The format of the Guest Token is ?guest_token=<Guest_Token>
  • For example, if your Hotspot Redirect URL is:
  • The Guest would be redirected to: https://<Guest_Token>

First you’ll need your API Token, which can be found under your Client Customization.(If you do not have this option enabled please contact your service provider) Using the API’s RESTful interface, you can request the Guest information from the platform API.

  • An example request to the API would look like this:<API_Token>&guest_token=<Guest_Token>

This will return a JSON document with the Guest’s information (see example below).



{“id”:53,”company”:”TECH DEPT”},”profile”:{“firstname”:null,”lastname”:null,”email”:””,”mobilephone”:null,”birthdate”:null,”macaddress”:”4A-4A-EA-4A-4A-FA”,”gender”:null,”country”:null,”region”:null,”city”:null,”address”:null,”postal_code”:null},”last_connection”:

This Guest Token should be used for customization content on a landing page. If you’re interested in collecting data into a different platform please see the knowledge base articles on Zapier integration or SmartWiFi API Endpoints.

Updated on October 21, 2021

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