Hotspot Scheduler

The time is set by the timezone for the hotspot. If the times set in the dashboard are not matching the available times in your location please contact your service provider.

The Limited Availability Scheduler allows you to set the time you want guests to be able to connect to your internet through the splash page. The WiFi signal will always be present and guests can connect to the WiFi and see your branded splash page but will be unable to connect to the internet outside the allowed times.

In the dashboard on the Edit Hotspot page you will find the toggle for the Limited Availability feature under the login details.

After you activate the toggle you will see the options below. You can choose which days to schedule On and use the sliders to set the time range for the day you would like the internet to be accessible. The “On” time is within the green line.

The scheduler allows you to assign a unique message per day to be displayed when a guest tries to access the internet outside the allowed times.

Updated on May 1, 2020
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