Guest To Contact Sync

The Guest To Contact Sync page is where you can configure synchronization rules from your hotspots to your Contact Manager.

Press Add Rule to create a rule.

  • Select which hotspots in your account you want this rule to apply to.
  • Select the run time and time zone for this rule.
  • Use the ‘Manage Duplicates’ options to determine how duplicates should be handled.
    1. Ignore: Existing data in your Contact Manager will be saved.
    2. Overwrite: Data in the CSV will overwrite existing data in your Contact Manager.
    3. Merge: Fields in the CSV will overwrite empty fields only in your Contact Manager.

  • The synchronization will automatically add the following Tags based on the information available in the Guest Profile.
    1. Hotspot Name
    2. Email
    3. SMS
    4. X
    5. Gender
    6. Device Type
    7. City

    8. State

    9. Country

    10. Postal Code

    11. Custom data 1-10

  • The Page will list all of your synchronization rules, displaying which hotspots as connected to which rule, its specified run time, the status of its last sync, and the time the last sync ran.
  • You can run the rule now by pressing the ‘Sync Now’ button.
  • You can modify the rule’s settings by pressing the edit button.
  • Delete the rule from your Contact Manager with the delete button.
Updated on November 14, 2023
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