Guest Plans

The Guest Plans feature is a fee based login method for the Smart WiFi Platform. Hotspots can be configured to allow connection only with a paid plan or as an option to connect with a different session profile and receive different session lengths and/or speeds. If your service provider does not provide a payment processor, you must configure your own under the Client Customizations Payments tab.

Hardware Limitations

The Guest Plans ability to provide different speeds based on the plan purchased depends on the hardware used with the Smart WiFi Platform. Please see the hardware compatibility guide to determine if your hardware will fully support Guest Plans.

The Guest Plans feature can be found in the dashboard in the navigation menu to the left under Network. This page will display the list of Guest Plans under your account. Here you can edit or delete existing guest plans and add new ones.

Creating a Guest Plan

  1. Login to the Smart WiFi Platform
  2. Navigate to the Guest Plans page
  3. Click Add Plan and enter the desired settings.
    1. The Plan Name is displayed to guests as the select-able product to purchase.
    2. The Plan Description is the text that will be displayed to guests when they’re selecting a plan to purchase.
    3. The Session Profile assigned to a guest plan determines the session details that a guest will receive for their purchase.
      Unlimited Guest Plans

      Please be advised that if you use an session profile with an Force Timeout set to unlimited the following behavior is to be expected.

      1. If a guest plan with an unlimited force timeout is purchased the resulting guest profile will have an active guest plan created with an expiration date of approximately 35years.
      2. You can view the actual expiration date for an purchased guest plan using the Revenue Report or the Guest Profile – Guest Plans tab.
      3. At this time there is no way to modify or delete an active guest plan.
      4. If an device has an active guest plan they will always be served the return guest splash page for that hotspot and be unable to see the Guest Plan login buttons.

  4. Enable PayPal Subscription Plan: If you have configured your Paypal Client ID under Client Customizations you can Enable this to allow guests to subscribe to recurring guest plans.
    • PayPal Plan ID: Enter the ID of your Paypal subscribe product
  5. Cost is the value of the plan guests will have to pay.
  6. The Purchased Plan Email is a customizable template that will be sent to Guests if an Email is collected during purchase that you can design to fit your branding needs.
    Merge Keys

    The template supports the following merge fields.

    • Guest Profile Link
    • Guest Plan Name
    • Guest Plan amount
    • Guest Plan expiration date
    • Guest PSK(WiFi Password for SecurePass enabled hotspots)
    • Guest Plan number of devices
    • Client Name
    • Client Phone Number
    • Hotspot Name
    • Hotspot Venue Name
    • Hotspot address
    • Hotspot phone number
    • SSID List(WiFi Network list for SecurePass enabled hotspots)

  7. The Expiration Message Time is the amount of time before an active guest plan expires that the hotspot Guest Plan Expiration Email will be sent to the guest.
  8. Enable Multiple Devices

    If this option is enabled guests will be able to connect multiple devices through the splash pages Sign In with Guest Plans button using credentials created during the time of purchase.

    • Require credentials is a required setting for Multiple Devices if you do not subscribe to the SecurePass feature.
    • The Registration Header Text & Voucher Connect Button Text are used on the registration page for guests who purchase a plan using a Voucher.
    • .
  9. Press Submit.

Hotspot and Splash page setup

Once the Guest Plans you wish to offer on a hotspot have been created you need to edit the hotspot settings to enable the feature and assign the desired plans. The Hotspots splash page will need to have the correct social connect buttons to support the guest plans features as well before guests can start purchasing plans.

  1. Login to the Smart WiFi Platform
  2. Navigate to the Edit hotspot page
  3. Enable Guest Plans.
    • Pay with Credit Card text will be the message displayed for the payment processor button.
    • Pay with Paypal text will be the message displayed for the Paypal button.
  4. Add the desired plans to the Guest Plans list.
  5. Submit the Changes.
  6. Navigate to the Splash Page list
  7. Edit the splash page assigned to the desired hotspot using the drag and drop builder
  8. Add the Sign in with Payments button to your New and Return Guest splash pages.
  9. (optional) Add the Sign in with Guest Plan button to your New and Return Guest splash pages if you’re offering Multiple device guest plans to allow guests to login using their credentials
  10. Save the changes.


  • If you delete a plan, you also will delete ALL voucher codes that were generated and associated with that guest plan. Also, this guest plan will no longer be associated with a Hotspot.
  • If you change the values of the guest plan, and a guest already has been associated with that plan, then there will be no affect on the expiration date.
  • If a guest has an active guest plan and they receive the splash page, they can access the remainder of their active plan by hitting the connect button.
  • Using the Guest Plans required toggle inside the Edit Hotspot Settings options for Guest Plans results in return guests being unable to see the connect button unless they have an active guest plan.


Updated on May 2, 2024
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