ExtremeCloud Appliance Configuration Guide

The following instructions outline how to setup a ExtremeCloud Appliance network for the Marketing4WiFi Platform.  This guide covers details such as configuring RADIUS, walled garden entries, and captive portals.  This guide assumes that your XCA access points are already operational on a live network. Please make sure any firewall rules, web content filters, and other security measures have been configured to interface with the platform per the hardware manufacturers specifications.

  1. Login to your ExtremeCloud Appliance.
  2. On the left click Configure> Network> WLAN
  3. Click Add (Or edit the desired WLAN)
    • Network Name: Smart WiFi(or whatever you wish)
    • SSID: Guest WiFi(or whatever you wish)
    • Status: Enabled
    • Auth Type: Open
    • Enable Captive Portal: Checked
    • Captive Portal Type: External
    • ECP URL: You will be provided this.
    • Click Walled Garden Rules
      • Click L3,L4 IP and Port Rules and click New
      • Please add all the Default walled garden entries using the settings action=allow, COS= None, Protocol= Any Protocol, IP/Subnet= FQDN, and Port= Any Port.
    • Use HTTPS connection: Unchecked
    • Send Successful Login to: Custom URL
    • URL: You will be provided this.
    • MAC-based authentication(MBA): Unchecked
    • AAA Policy: Click the + icon to create a new policy.
      1. Name: Smart WiFi
      2. Authentication Protocol: CHAP
      3. NAS ID: You will be provided this.
      4. Called Station ID: Wired MAC Colon SSID
      5. Accounting Type: Start-Interim-Stop
      6. Accounting Start: No Delay
      7. RADIUS Authentication Servers: You will need to create two
          • Server one
            1. Server Address: You will be provided this
            2. Shared Secret: You will be provided this.
          • Server two
            1. Server Address: You will be provided this
            2. Shared Secret: You will be provided this
      8. RADIUS Accounting Servers: Use the drop down menu to select and add the RADIUS Authentication servers just created.
    • Default Auth Role: Enterprise User
    • Advanced- Check RADIUS Accounting
    • Click Save and assign the WLAN to the correct profile.

Disclaimer on hardware configuration guides in the KB:

This equipment has been integrated and tested in our labs with the Marketing4WiFi using the firmware version below.


LIMITED HARDWARE SUPPORT: Hardware manufacturers frequently make changes to firmware, controllers and GUI’s. The information below may be out of date or images may be different and is to be used as a general reference guide. We do offer additional limited support to help with trouble-shooting and we highly recommend that you have a hardware support agreement and/or access to a hardware support engineering representative from the manufacturer.

Updated on January 11, 2022

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