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Do you integrate with Twilio for SMS Texting?

You will need to confirm what environment your hotspot is in as well as obtain your SmartWiFiPlatform API Token to complete this setup. If your plan does not provide access to Client Customizations please contact support for assistance with completing your Twilio setup.

The SmartWiFiPlatform integrates with Twilio for SMS two factor authentication logins as well as SMS marketing campaigns. If you have your own Twilio account, please contact us and we can connect your account to your Hotspots so you can start gathering SMS numbers!

Please be sure to follow best practices to ensure your messages get delivered. <read more>

To complete configuration you will need the following information from your Twilio and SmartWiFi accounts:

  1. Hotspot Environment
  2. Twilio Account SID
  3. Twilio Auth Token
  4. Twilio SMS-enabled Phone Number
  5. SmartWiFi API Token

If you do not complete the Twilio account configuration, subscribe status will not be updated in the SmartWiFiPlatform dashboard.

You will need to make the follow changes to your Twilio account:

  1. Login to your Twilio account and go to https://www.twilio.com/console/sms/services
  2. Click the ‘Create Message Service’ button
  3. Give the service a name and for use case select ‘Not listed here’.
  4. After creating a messaging service you will be redirected to it’s Sender Pool. You will need to add the Twilio number configured to the Smart WiFi Platform to the messaging service. Click ‘Add Senders’, select the correct sender type for your account and press continue. Check the box for the desired number and press ‘Add Phone Numbers’ & Confirm.
  5. Now click on the Integration tab for your messaging service.
    Select ‘Send a Webhook’ and fill in the request URL as an HTTP POST with the API URL for your environment replacing <token> with your API token from the Client Customization page. Save the page when complete.



    Please contact support if you need your API Token.

  6. Press Save

You will need to make the following changes in the SmartWiFi dashboard.

In the dashboard go to Client Settings> Client Customization and select the branding tab.
Enter your Twilio account information into the correct fields. After submitting the page you can use the ‘Send Test SMS’ button to test your Twilio configuration.

The platform allows you to configure an additional Twilio phone number that will be used for marketing campaigns as an optional feature. If nothing is entered the one Twilio number will be used for both two factor authentication logins and marketing campaigns.


Updated on September 2, 2021

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