Coupon Campaign Logs

The Coupon Campaign log will give you a detailed list of all of the guests that have received a coupon directly from the Smart Campaign system. You can sort the list and also export to Excel/CSV.

Rule Name: Will contain the name of your Coupon Campaign.

Client Name: Is you, our Client.

Sent To: Will display the identitity the coupon was sent to. If the coupon is claimed the identity becomes a link to the profile that claimed the coupon

Claim Counter: Displays the number of times the coupon has been claimed by the guest.

Viewed At: Displays the time/date that the guest last read the coupon.

Claimed At: Displays the time/date that the guest last claimed the coupon.

Issued At: Displays the date the coupon was generated.

Export to Excel will allow you to manipulate the data into other applications you may have or allow you to further track redemptions.

Updated on October 8, 2020

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