CoovaChilli-Compatible Gateway Configuration

CoovaChilli is a feature rich software access controller that provides a captive portal / walled-garden environment and uses RADIUS or a HTTP protocol for access provisioning and accounting. CoovaChilli is an integral part of the CoovaAP OpenWRT-based firmware which is specialized for hotspots.

Many gateway controllers on the market use coova for the splash page/captive portal, authentication and accounting functionality that is required to interface with the Smart WiFi Platform.

Since every device is different, in this article, we list the values that are needed in most Coova-Chilli enabled devices that will interface with the Markleting4WiFi Platform.

Since there are many different COOVA packages and there are MANY different nuances and variances, our support team does not provide any additional support beyond this document. Please refer to hardware manufacturer support documentation for assistance. It’s important to note that we CANNOT guarantee that your device will properly interface or function with the Marketing4WiFi platform. We have supported gateways listed throughout this knowledegbase.

Values need:

Splash/Captive Portal URL:  This will be provided to you

RADIUS Authentication IP:  or
RADIUS Authentication Port: 1812
RADIUS Authentication IP (secondary): or
RADIUS Authentication Port: 1812

RADIUS Accounting IP:  or
RADIUS Accounting Port: 1813
RADIUS Accounting IP (secondary): or
RADIUS Accounting Port: 1813

Walled Garden Entries: LOCATED HERE

NAS ID – This will be provided to you
Shared Secret (RADIUS) – This will be provided to you

Updated on January 11, 2022

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