The Contacts page is where can you manage all of the contacts in your account. Guests imported through the Guest to Contact sync as well as Contacts you import will be stored displayed here. You can filter the list to display the audience you need and export the lists if necessary.

To begin, click the + on the Contact Filters bar to open the fitlers section.

You can configure your desired filter settings and press the Submit button to filter your Contact results.

The Contacts list will display based on your Contacts Filter settings. There are several functions available within the Contacts list.

  1. Bulk Actions: To preform bulk actions you must check next to at least one Contact to preform a bulk action on. You can also use the checkbox at the top of the column to select all contacts displayed.
    • Add Tag
    • Delete Tag
    • Delete Contacts
    • Change Subscribe/Unsubscribe
  2. Export Contacts: Export all of the contacts associated to your account to an .csv file.
  3. Import Contacts: Import existing contacts to your contact manager.
    Import Contacts Page

    • Download the xlsx template from the dashboard and add your contact list to the template.
    • Supported Birthdate formats are Y-m-d, d/m/Y, d.m.Y, m.d.Y, d-m-Y
    • Supported Mobile Number formats are 15552516554 or 5552516554. It is up to users to ensure they adhere to a single format to avoid duplicates within these supported formats.
    • Assign the Tags you would like to associate with the all the contacts on the list. You can make multiple imports to assign different tags to different groups.
    • Use the ‘Manage Duplicates’ options to determine how duplicates should be handled.
      1. Ignore: Existing data in your Contact Manager will be saved.
      2. Overwrite: Data in the CSV will overwrite existing data in your Contact Manager.
      3. Merge: Fields in the CSV will overwrite empty fields only in your Contact Manager.
    • Use the ‘Manage Tags’ options to determine how tags will be handled for duplicates.
      • Merge: New Tags will be added to the contact.
      • Overwrite: New Tags will replace the existing Tags.
    • The Import Contact feature will automatically generate tags for the following fields.

      When using Custom Data and Tag fields always start the column with an alphabetic or symbol character before entering numerical characters to avoid issues with tags generated.

      1. Email
      2. SMS
      3. X
      4. Gender
      5. City
      6. State
      7. Country
      8. Custom Data
      9. Tags


  4. Add Contact: Allows you to manually change the subscription status of contacts.
    Add Contact Page

    The Add Contact page allows you to add a single contact at a time.
    At minimum at least one of the following fields must be entered to create a contact:

    1. Email
    2. X username
    3. Mobile Number

  5. Identity: Click on the identity of a contact to be taken to the Contact Profile.
    Contact Profile Page

    Contact Profile
    The panel to the left will contain all the personally identifiable information collected for this contact as well as all the tags assigned to the contact. You can update tags for this contact on this panel.
    To the right you can select a date and view the scheduled campaign logs this guest has received for the date entered. The custom data fields are available on their own menu tab.

  6. Tags: Displays all the tags associated to the Contact.
  7. Status: The current Subscribe/Unsubscribe status for the Contact.
  8. Edit: Click the blue edit button to open the Edit Contact page.
    Edit Contact Page

    The Edit Contact page allows you to update a single contact at a time.
    At minimum at least one of the following fields must be entered to submit an edit to a contact:

    1. Email
    2. Twitter username
    3. Mobile Number
  • Delete: Delete contacts one a time using the delete button.
  • Updated on November 14, 2023

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