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Connecting a preconfigured MikroTik cAP

The following should be included with an preconfigured MikroTik cAP.

  • Smart WiFi hotspot (pre-configured for your business!)  
  • Network Cable (ethernet) 
  • Power/network splitter (white cord) with AC power adapter (black cord) 

Your preconfigured MikroTik cAP is designed for Plug and Play Setup. Follow these steps to connect your unit to your existing network.

  1. Plug the power adapter into an AC wall outlet and then plug the other side to the power splitter. 
  2. Connect the network adaptor on the splitter (white cord) into an available port on your existing Internet modem or router. 
  3. Connect one side of the network cable into the hotspot port labeled “ETH1 PoE IN”. Connect the other side of the cable to the open network port on the power splitter (white port). (You should now see some LED’s on the hotspot) 
  4. After a few moments, the hotspot should have completed all its initial booting and be broadcasting your branded WiFi signal! 
  5. Using your phone or a tablet, connect to your new guest WiFi network. Your device should now be displaying the Splash connect page branded to your business. (Android devices may need to attempt to surf the web before being presented the Splash page.) 


If you don’t see the network name or the Splash/Connect page doesn’t display then consider the following.

  1. Double check the cable connections (It’s best to plug the Smart WiFi Controller directly to your ISP Router)
  2. Login to the Smart WiFi Dashboard, go to the Menu Option “Reports” —then Gateway Status. This will display if our system “sees” the controller.
  3. Tech Note: Be sure DHCP is enabled on the upstream router (no static IP’s).

Updated on January 11, 2022

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