Configuration for Xirrus Lite Gateway Equipment

NOTE: These instructions are strictly for Xirrus Lite equipment and NOT the enterprise equipment.

Screenshots of Xirrus Dashboard configuration:

External Login Page URL:You will receive this from us.
Redirect Secret: hotspot.
Authentication Type: CHAP
Primary Host/IP:
Port: 1812
Shared Secret: You will receive this from us.
Add a secondary Radius Server
Secondary Host/IP:
Shared Secret: You will receive this from us.
Landing Page: You will receive this from us.

White List: Please use the wildcard walled garden entries for the white list found HERE.

You will also need to configure RADIUS ACCOUNTING on the Xirrus device directly:

While in the Profile click on the “Show Advanced”

After you hit “Show Advanced” you should see a couple extra buttons:

Select “Optimization” and then click “Snippets” and agree to the following notices:

Inside the text box for AOS Lite enter the following code to enable RADIUS Accounting:

edit <enter your SSID here>
web-page auth-timeout 120
radius-server external accounting on
external nas-identifier : You will receive this from us.

***Note that by default Xirrus uses port 1813 when accounting is enabled so there is no need to enter it with the first code Snippet***

LIMITED HARDWARE SUPPORT: Hardware manufacturers frequently make changes to firmware, controllers and GUI’s. The information below may be out of date or images may be different and is to be used as a general reference guide. We do offer additional limited support to help with trouble-shooting and we highly recommend that you have a hardware support agreement and/or access to a hardware support engineering representative from the manufacturer.


Updated on January 11, 2022

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