SMTP Server

 Please check with your SMTP provider for the necessary settings as they will change based on provider. If your using a gmail account, review this article.

You can setup Smart Emails to be delivered to your guests from your own domain and/or e-mail address. You need to add SMTP account information from your e-mail provider to the Dashboard.

  1. Go to Client Settings>SMTP Server
  2. Fill in the SMTP fields from your e-mail provider then click ‘Submit’
  3. You can test that Smart e-mails will be delivered from your SMTP account by using the test feature below. After you’ve submitted the SMTP account information, simply type in an e-mail address to send a test e-mail.

    If all is working, you should see a “Message has been sent” notification. Now your Smart E-mail campaigns will come from the username you entered.

Updated on November 3, 2022

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