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Can my guests ‘opt-out’ of supplying their information?

Yes, absolutely! This is a control that you have in the Smart WiFi Dashboard.

You can add an ‘opt-out and connect’ feature on the splash page connection options. If a guest select this, then the Smart WiFi platform will only collect the MAC address of the device that is attaching to your hotspot. To enable it:

  1. Login to the Dashboard, Navigate to Network>Hotspot, and Edit the Hotspot you’d like to add the opt-out option on:

  2. Scroll to the Login Details section and Click ‘Enable’ on the Enable Opt-Out Login feature:

  3. Click ‘Submit’

That’s it! – Now when your guests are presented with the Login Methods, they will also have the ability to skip one of the social methods. Note that your guest reports will contain their MAC address as opposed to any personal information and any campaigns will not send to this guest.

Updated on October 9, 2019

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