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Can I export my guest lists?

Yes, absolutely! You can export all of your guests along with all of the detailed information that is collected by the Smart WiFi Platform. You can then import that list to any other system that you might use for marketing, such as Sales Force, another CRM, or a non-integrated Mail List system.

To export, simply go the menu item: Reports>Guest Connections

  1. Set show to “All”
  2. Select the desired hotspot (default is all)
  3. Select the desired guest type (default is all)
  4. Press export to excel

Export Guests will export a consolidated e-mail list of your guests.

The file will be in CSV format so you can modify it or import directly into whatever system you’d like.

Please note there may be formatting errors when opening CSV files into programs like Excel. We’ve received reports of Excel trimming leading zeros on information like Zip codes in the Custom Fields. This can be easily remedied by formatting the columns in Excel.

Updated on September 25, 2019

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