The Smart WiFi Platform’s Audience builder allows you to sync your Contact data to a Facebook Ads Account Audience based on the Tag groups available in your Contact Manager profile. To begin building Audiences in Facebook with your Contact Manager data you must complete the steps outlined in this article.


  • You must have the Smart WiFi contact manager/CRM features enabled on your plan.
  •  You must have a Facebook Business Account with an active Ad Account associated to it.

Creating a Facebook App

  1. Login to your Facebook Business account.
  2. Under the Accounts section select Apps.
  3. Create an App by clicking on Add > Create a new app ID
  4. If your first screen is asking you to choose an audience please choose: “Manage integrations for your business“.
  5.  On the Select an app type page select Business type.
  6. On the Add details page fill in with your own details.
    1. Display Name: Enter the name you prefer for your App
    2. App Contact Email: Enter a valid Email address
    3. App purpose: “Yourself or your own business”
  7. Your browser will be redirected to the application dashboard once it has been created. On this page you’ll want to click on Add Product to access the Add Products to Your App page.
  8. Click Set Up on the tile for the Marketing API to add the product to your App.

Creating and configuring a System user

  1. Return to your Facebook Business Settings page. You can access it from the App dashboard by clicking App Dashboard > Business Settings.
  2. Under the Users section select System Users.
  3. Click on Add and enter your desired username. The role can be Employee or Admin.
  4. Click on the desired user and press Add Assets.
  5. Click on Ad Accounts and select the desired linked Ad Account. Toggle the switch ON for Manage ad account.  Press Save Changes.

Generating Tokens and collecting Ad account ID

  1. Return to the System Users section of your Facebook Business settings.
  2. Click on the desired user and press Generate New Token.
  3. Choose the App you created earlier in this guide.
  4. Select the ads_read and ads_management permissions.
  5. Press the Generate Token button. Save the displayed Access Token for use later.
  6. Use the menu to the left to navigate to the Accounts > Ad Accounts page.
  7. Select your Ad Account and you should see the ID to the right side. Save the displayed ID for use later.

Creating an Audience Rule in the Smart WiFi dashboard

  1. Login to your Smart WiFi dashboard
  2. Use the menu to the left to navigate to the Contact Manager > Audiences page.
  3. Click Add Audiences.
  4. Fill in the Add Audience form with your own details.
    1. List Name: Enter the name you prefer for this Audience
    2. Facebook Ads Account ID: Enter the Ads Account ID collected in the steps above.
    3. User Access Token: Enter the Access Token collected in the steps above.
    4. Select Tags: Select the Contact Manager Tag groups that you would like synchronized as part of this rule.
    5. Press Submit.
Custom Audience TOS

Make sure that you accepted the Facebook Custom Audiences TOS for your ads account in order to have your Audience Builder ready.




Updated on May 2, 2022
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