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Android closes captive portal before landing page

This is an ongoing issue with Android OS and captive portals. A result of the variances between manufacturers of Android devices, some devices may experience a better user experience than others. View the original issue reported to Google.

When Android devices successfully connect to a Guest WiFi SSID configured for the SmartWiFiPlatform using the Android Captive Portal window, the window is closed before the landing page loads.

What is the cause?

  1. Unauthenticated user selects WiFi Network
  2. “Sign-in to network” (Android system app) popup is shown
  3. Splash page is presented inside Captive Network Assistant
  4. After pressing Connect, the device is authenticated and redirected to the landing page
  5. Device is no longer limited to the walled garden entries and automatically closes the captive network assistant

After the Android device has been authenticated on the Guest WiFi network, it is able to receive a response from one of the hostname that the manufacturer has used to perform the Android connectivity check that typically ends at one of the destinations outlined below.

Updated on September 22, 2020

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