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You can easily add users to access your Dashboard. You can even select the data and controls for some of all of your Hotspots. In addition, you can choose what permissions they will have access to. This is handy if you have certain managers that you only want to view or control certain aspects of their location(s).

To add new dashboard users to your account (So long as YOU have been given permissions to add/edit users):

  1. Click on Client Settings>Add/Edit Users
  2. From here you can add a new User or edit existing users.

    • Hotspot(s): If you would like to restrict this user to only be able to access a specific hotspot under the Client, you can select that here. By default all hotspots are available.
    • Username: Enter your desired username for the user.
    • Email: Enter an email address for the user. This will be used to reset a forgotten password as well as receive Client Email Templates if the Reports are enabled.
    • Password: Enter the desired password for the user.


    Configuring User Access & Visibility

    There are three ON/OFF toggle columns available.

    • User Access – Turning these features on or off will allow or disallow the feature when applied to a User. If this is set to OFF but User Visibility is ON, then the “Plan Upgrade Message” will be displayed to the user when they try to access a page through the navigation menu.
    • User Visibility– Turning these features on or off allow or disallow the feature be SEEN by the User. If this is turned OFF then the navigation menu item will disappear for the user.
    • Email Report: If enabled the email address used for the user will receive the weekly summary reports on Sunday or the Gateway Alert for MikroTik and OpenMesh/Datto products.
      ROI Monthly Email Report

      The ROI Monthly Email Report will be delivered on the 2nd of every month providing an view of the performance of your hotspots for the previous month.
      Please update your Average Spending Price, WiFi Usage, to match your venue’s estimated values.

Updated on January 19, 2022
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