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Adding an Image to an Email Template

If you’re experiencing an issue with image the size of images in your Emails add the images to the Email template again while being sure to check the following settings.

  • Files cannot exceed 1mb in size.
  • Images must be saved in an standard image format. Documents like PDFs cannot be uploaded as an image.

  1. On your computer, right click the image you want to use and select properties.
    On the window that opens, select the details tab.
  2. Open the Email template editor, drag a new image block from the elements panel onto your Email template. Click the image block and the menu will change to the properties tab of the image block.
    Click Image Settings.
  3. Use the details page of the image to set the width and height of the image in the properties tab of the builder.
  4. Click change image to upload your image.
  5. Press browse and select the correct image.
  6. Click on the image and press select.
  7. Complete any additional changes or repeat the process to add more images.
  8. When done, be sure to Save and then Submit your work.
Updated on August 5, 2020

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