Access Code

The Access Code login option allows you to set a code that can be used as a login type instead of requiring guests to provide their social login information. This feature can be useful for venues that do not have a dedicated Employee network yet, but want to prevent Employee’s recievving Marketing Campaigns.

Logged into the dashboard, this feature can be found on the Edit Hotspot page under the Login Details options. Here you can enable the Access Code login method as well as view the options to configure the Access Code (Case Sensitive) as well as enable the Access Code Required toggle.

If Access Code Required is enabled the Access Code login type will be unavailable and guests will be required to enter the Access Code in addition to logging in via one of the enabled social login options for the hotspot.

We recommend keeping employees and IoT devices on a separate dedicated network as the Smart WiFi Platform intended use is a Guest engagement and marketing tool.

Updated on October 19, 2023

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