Access Code

The Access Code login option allows you to set a code that can be used as a login type instead of requiring guests to provide their social login information. This feature can be useful for venues that do not have a dedicated Employee network yet, but want to prevent Employee’s receiving Marketing Campaigns.

  1. Log into your dashboard and use the menu panel to the left to navigate to Network> Splash Pages. Create a new (or click the Edit Icon on your desired) Splash Page and using the element selector to the right, select the Social Connect Button menu and drag the ‘Sign in with Access Code’ button onto the New Guest page. Save the Splash Page after finishing any other desired modifications.

  2. After placing the Access Code button on your Splash page, you must enable and configure the Access Code. Using the menu panel to the left select Network > Hotspots and press the Edit icon for your desired hotspot. On the Edit hotspot page, under the Login Details section when Type of Login is set to Social(All Login Options), the Access Code ON/OFF toggle and it’s options should be available. (Please contact support if you do not see the option) Under the Access Code Options you can configure the code (case sensitive) to be used on the splash page and the Access Code Required toggle.

    If Access Code Required is enabled the Access Code login type will be unavailable and guests will be required to enter the Access Code in addition to logging in via one of the enabled social login options for the hotspot.

Updated on December 18, 2023

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