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3 votes

Increase Time frame for Visitors

To improve the ability of users of the Analytics 4 WiFi platform to tune the data to their venue, the platform should contain functionality for a user to control the time that a device must be seen by a node before it is counted as a visitor. This would work…

2 votes

Tera weight to zero out the heatmap

Heatmap – It would be nice to be able to have some sort of teraweight / baseline to be able to zero out device that are always in the area. This could be an average taken from a particular time say 2:00AM over the last 7 days. Would also be…

2 votes

Splash Page Scheduler

I would like to have the option to have the splash pages and touchless menus on timers for those who have multiple menus (lunch, dinner, happy hour etc…) so they can set it and forget it as they are logging in daily and adjust and forget sometimes.

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